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Welcome to Family tree Research

Let us help you in taking the first steps to finding out who you are and where you come from, in other words, help you discover your Roots.

Our research can place your ancestors in an historical context and help you celebrate your heritage. We can trace most families back to the early 1800's and we do this by using past census returns and births, deaths and marriage certificates.

We will then supply evidence to you so that you will be able to see where your ancestors came from.


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Family Tree

Family Trees make beautiful gifts to be passed on for future generations.


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“...It was absolutely well worth the effort.We're over the moon with the results!...”

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Family Trees can also make beautiful gifts to be passed on for future generations.

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Family Tree example

Tillot Family Tree

Leonard Tillott was on his holiday in Cornwall where he picked up one of my business cards.

Initially, he wanted a family tree chart done for his neighbour as a thank you present, apparently she was delighted. Leonard decided he would also like to trace his own roots and have his own family tree.

Although Tillott is quite an unusual name, it has over the years had a tendency to be mis-transcribed as Tillett/Tullett/Tallett to name a few.

By looking at all the censuses ,I was able to plot Leonard's tree on the Tillott side to Daniel William Tillott born St Pancras 1844 and then by obtaining a marriage certificate, I discovered a Samuel Tillett a mason born in Bristol 1803

By googling the name and birth place I came across www.tillett.org.uk .

The Website belonged to Rev. Selwyn Tillett from Norfolk He had remarkably researched his family tree back to Thomas Tillett abt 1574 from Winterbourne near Bristol and managed to make a link to Leonard's family tree chart .

Leonard and Selwyn are now in touch!

View a PDF file of the Tillot family tree

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